1. WARNING: This video is graphic and chilling.

    In this video, their is reportedly a doctor laying injured on the ground. Gadhafi loyalists demand he say "Long Live the Fatah, Long live Gaddafi." But he refuses and says his own slogan. Shot are fired and the same man’s body is seen in the back of pickup truck surrounded by soldiers.

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  2. Mohamed, a member of the Libyan opposition council ins Misurata, gives a first hand account of the situation there. Misurata is a pro-democracy town in the Gadhafi-controlled western part of Libya. This town has been under constant Gadhafi bombardment practically since Day 1. Of any town facing Gadhafi’s wrath, Misurata has faced the worst of it.

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  3. What’s Been Going on in Libya Today

    It’s been a particularly active day in Libya today. Beyond a string of recent victories of the pro-democracy fighters, here is a list of other things going on in the war-torn country:

    • Twenty military vehicles were seen leaving Gadhafi’s headquarters in Sirte. Rebels are advancing on this city.
    • The US is pulling it’s navy back from the Libya coast signalling that it no longer sees the Libyan air force as a threat, and that is passing off command of the operation to NATO.
    • Families are fleeing Sirte ahead of the coming battle.
    • Tripoli is still being hit by coalition air strikes. Reportedly the road to the international airport has been hit.

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  4. Pro-Democracy Fighters Continue to Advance Across Libya

    With support from coalition bombing runs, the pro-democracy fighters have won a string of victories in the past two days and taken control of the following towns:

    • Es Sider
    • Ras Lanuf
    • Ajdabiya
    • Tobruk
    • Zueitina
    • Brega
    • Bin Jawad

    Next on the list is Sirte, Gadhafi’s home town. This has never been under rebel control and will not be an easy fight.

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  5. Watch. This. Video.

    A woman who had been beaten and raped by Gadhafi’s regime manages to get into a hotel in Tripoli where journalists are staying, where she bravely tells her story. Government men then try to silence her and hotel staff berate her and try to move journalists out of the way. One journalist is tackled as he tries to stop her from being taken away. At one point a bag is put over her head.

    I have chills just thinking about what I just watched.

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