1. Who’s on Whose Side?

    Since Operation Odyssey Dawn began in Libya, there have been a wide range of opinions from a wide range of countries. Here are a few:

    China: The first country to express ”regret” over international bombing.

    Russia: Expresses “regret” over international bombing. Called the international no-fly zone campaign medieval and a crusade. However, President Medvedev has strongly disagreed with the “medieval” comments, which were made Prime Minister Putin.

    Japan: Approves the military intervention.

    African Union: Calling for an “immediate halt” to the offensive.

    India: Expresses “regret” over international bombing. Wants an immediate stop to the bombing citing a lack of end goals.

    Italy: Wants to “take action” and “operate as equals” with others participating in Operation Dawn. There is currently an Italian tugboat that is being held by Gadhafi. It was captured a couple of weeks ago. Italy has expressed the desire to resolve that matter itself.

    Qatar: Providing war planes to help enforce the no-fly zone. 

    United Arab Emirates: Providing war planes to help enforce the no-fly zone.

    France: Bombing Gadhafi’s forces outside Benghazi.

    United States: Fired over 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles destroying most of Gadhafi’s anti-air defenses. Also has naval units off the coast of Libya.

    Netherlands: Providing war planes for Operation Odyssey Dawn.

    UK: Providing war planes and bombing for Operation Odyssey Dawn.

    Arab League: After being the first to call unequivocally for a no-fly zone, is now condemning the international bombing. This makes them either ignorant or hypocritical. A no-fly zone involves bombing anti-aircraft installations. Which are manned by soldiers. Which means people will die. That is what a no-fly zone is.

    Norway: Providing war planes for Operation Odyssey Dawn.

    Denmark: Providing war planes for Operation Odyssey Dawn.

    Venezuela: Claims that bombings are killing civilians and says that the US and Europe shouldn’t intervene. Guess it’s cool if the UAE and Qatar continue intervening then? The world is responding to this crisis.

    Turkey: Willing to contribute to the international coalition intervening in Libya.

    Egypt: Not getting involved for fear of reprisals against Egyptians living in Libya.

    Germany: Defends it’s position for not involving itself or voting in favor of the intervention, but is in favor of an oil embargo of Libya.

    Iran: Condemns the military intervention in Libya.

    South Africa: Calls for “restraint” of countries enforcing the no-fly zone.

    African Union: Demands military strikes on Libya to stop.

    Brazil: Abstained from voting on the no-fly zone.

    Bulgaria: Denounced the international intervention in Libya.

    Pakistan: Opposed to military intervention in Libya, but close to on the fence. Avoiding saying anything one way or the other.

    Turkey: Blocked the a NATO role at leading the charge against Gadhafi saying they ”will never point a gun at the Libyan people.” (Just Armenians…)

    Jordan: Supporting the UN but only through humanitarian aid.

    This list will continue to be populated as information comes in.

    -NOTE: Odyssey Dawn is the name of US military operation. Each country has it’s own name for the intervention in Libya. Odyssey Dawn is being used because it was the first one brought to my attention by Al Jazeera.


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  2. Japan’s situation has gone from bad to worse as the Fukushima nuclear plant’s severity rating raises from 4 to 5. Five is that same level that the Three Mile Island reactors reached in past in the US.

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  3. The Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has experienced a third explosion and drastically increased radiation levels. Everyone within 30 km are being asked to evacuate or stay indoors. Safety crews continue to work to get the plan under control and Japan has promised that this will not be another Chernobyl.

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  4. The death toll in Japan will likely increase dramatically over the next few days. Over 10,000 people are missing in Miyagi prefecture alone. This is truly a horrific natural disaster. Check out my friend’s post here if you are interested in donating to support for the people of Japan.

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  5. Footage from inside a Tokyo supermarket when the earthquake struck.

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  6. Live footage from the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan today. The largest in human history to strike near such a large population. The 7th largest earthquake ever recorded. A tsunami wave is expected to hit from Oregon to Chile around to Australia.

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