1. Anger continues to spread across Syria, as the country deploys troops and uses live ammunition to disperse and kill protesters.

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  2. Mohamed, a member of the Libyan opposition council ins Misurata, gives a first hand account of the situation there. Misurata is a pro-democracy town in the Gadhafi-controlled western part of Libya. This town has been under constant Gadhafi bombardment practically since Day 1. Of any town facing Gadhafi’s wrath, Misurata has faced the worst of it.

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  3. Syria agrees to lift the emergency law placed over the country (which is a key demand of protesters), but continues to lie about the reality of the situation on the ground.

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  4. Anger in Syria over killings. Assad can only keep this up so long before the pot boils over. Protesters are claiming over 100 people have been killed in Daraa alone thus far.

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  5. WARNING: Video contains pictures of bodies. It is not extremely gruesome, but many people may find these images disturbing. These people were killed as Syrian forces cracked down on protesters. Rallies for democracy continue to sweep the entire country.

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