1. Solidarity Group Occupies Gadhafi’s Son’s London Mansion

    A group calling themselves Topple The Tyrants have occupied the £10m London Mansion of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, in solidarity with the Libyan people and their struggle to overthrow Gaddafi’s government.

    A spokesman for the group said “We didn’t trust the British government to properly seize the Gaddafi regime’s corrupt assets, so we took matters into our own hands.”

    The spokesman said “Gaddafi, Mubarak, the House of Saud and numerous other tyrants use front companies in British protectorates to avoid paying tax and above all to protect their anonymity.

    "Britain actively assists tyrants, corporations and the super rich to rob their people blind. Our aim is to make sure that the assets stolen by Gaddafi are returned to the Libyan people and don’t disappear into the pockets of governments or corporations."

    -Al Jazeera

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